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It is known that the CD8+ T lymphocytes, which have the NK-activating receptor NKG2D on their surface, acquire an NK-like activity and the ability to kill the HLA-negative tumor cells after a prolonged incubation with the IL-15 or IL-2 cytokines [7-9].
While several aspects of the pathogenesis are poorly understood, most findings support the central role of immune maladaptation-driven superficial placentation, leading to a systemic maternal inflammatory response, in which the role of activated T lymphocytes appears to be pivotal [1-3].
(14.) Gossage C, Deyhim M, Moser-Veillon PB, Douglas LW Kramer TR: Effect of -carotene supplementation and lactation on carotenoid metabolism and mitogenic T lymphocyte proliferation.
It promotes [CD8.sup.+] effector T lymphocyte apoptosis through SMAD-2 signaling and the upregulation of proapoptotic protein Bim [68].
In this sense, T lymphocytes adopt a metabolic program that reflects their energetic and biosynthetic needs in specific states, ranging from resting to memory cell conversion.
Listeria has also been used to induce the development of IFN-[gamma]-secreting T-helper (Th)-1 [CD4.sup.+] T lymphocytes (Soussi et al.
Vaccinia virus-specific CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes in humans.
Memory and distribution of virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) and CTL precursors after rotavirus infection.
Even more important, all of these survivors had steady counts of CD4 T lymphocytes, the white cells destroyed by the AIDS virus.
Naive T lymphocytes patrol the front lines of the human body's defense against infection, circulating in blood and tissues, searching for invasive microbes and other foreign antigens.
van der Schueren, "Changes of lymphocyte subsets after local irradiation for early stage breast cancer and seminoma testis: long-term increase of activated (HLA-DR+) T cells and decrease of "naive" (CD4-CD45R) T lymphocytes," European Journal of Cancer A, vol.
Also see Evans 2002 (3): "Our findings provide the first evidence that depression may alter the function of killer lymphocytes in HIV-infected women and suggest that depression may decrease natural killer cell activity and lead to an increase in activated CD8 T lymphocytes and viral load" (quote from the abstract).
CD62L, or L-selectin, is expressed on the majority of B and T lymphocytes, and its expression is rapidly lost upon T-cell activation.
There are, for example, reports demonstrating the feasibility of assessing CD38 expression levels on CD8 + T lymphocytes through quantitative cytometric analyses (3-5).
It contributes to the development of T lymphocytes, guard cells that participate in immune system reactions.