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Two months later, Ji ShaoCheng of the Universite de Montreal's affiliated engineering school Ecole Polytechnique arrived in Szechwan province to study the damage first hand.
There hasn't been on earthquake in Szechwan province for 300 years.
This area covered all of Yunnan Province and a good part of Szechwan Province.
SZECHWAN SEASONING: A bottled blend of chile peppers, garlic and ginger, this seasoning lends spicy-hot overtones reminiscent of the Szechwan province of China to dishes.
After invoking Hawthorne in his preface, David Payne takes us from an ancient Taoist monastery in a remote corner of Szechwan province to the violent world of opium trading along the Yangtze River, then to the seedy tenements of Chinatown, and finally into the heart of the New York Stock Exchange.