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a person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution)

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hired Bixler McClure as a geographic information systems programmer and analyst.
Former aerospace engineer and systems programmer Ward (curriculum integration, Rice U.
One warehouse systems programmer whose previous role had been quite limited was able to shine during the successful SAP rollout in 2007.
The 40-year-old events manager for Royal Bank of Scotland, and her husband David, 41, who works as a systems programmer, live in Edinburgh with their son Innes.
This release brings all of that experience to the Macintosh," Peter DiCamillo, a Lead Systems Programmer at Brown University, stated.
Still, UW systems programmer Justin Borthwick estimates the technology is still probably months, if not years, away.
Caracas systems programmer Leopoldo Briceno Acciole began a grassroots effort to call Sanz's bluff.
The senior systems programmer - who was with the council for about 11 years - had worked flexitime before going on maternity leave but when she got back, she was told she would have to work fixed hours starting at 8am every day, the tribunal heard.
Stephen McGrath is systems programmer with Academic Information Systems' Research & Development division.
Carl Moreschi, who worked for IBM as a systems programmer for 25 years and now writes programs for a small software company, wrote the telescope-control software.
"The tension won't have pleased my doctor - he diagnosed high blood pressure when I went for an examination last week," said the Portobello systems programmer.
Martin, a 32-year-old systems programmer from Portobello in Edinburgh, is working on a short-list of three or four, including Mark Johnston's Netta Rufina and Mary Reveley's Desert Fighter.
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