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Asian parasitoid wasps are being trialed for release in North America, but to date, the best control is removal of infested trees, restricted transportation of infested wood, and treatment with systemic insecticides on an individual basis.
Sticky foliage is a sure sign of aphids, which are easily dealt with using a systemic insecticide applied every 3-6 months.
You can use a stiff brush to remove the pests or, alternatively, spray them with a systemic insecticide.
Provado Bug Killer is a systemic insecticide, Bug Clear which controls not only aphid but black fly, red spider mite and caterpillars; Another option is Rose Clear which is a dual action containing not only an insecticide but a fungicide which will help control and prevent black spot and mildew on roses and other trees and shrubs.
If the infestation is so bad it is disfiguring the bush, control the pest in future by spraying with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer, a systemic insecticide containing imidacloprid, in mid-May and again in early June to kill egg-laying females.
Linda Darnton, former Editor of the North American Lily Society Quarterly Bulletin, indicated that these bulbs are generally treated with a systemic insecticide (active ingredient possibly Imidacloprid; not available in Canada) to prevent the spread of the lily beetle and similar pests.
If you find any pests, remove or wash off as much soil as possible and soak plant with systemic insecticide preferably one that contains dimethoate.
Aldicarb is a systemic insecticide used on soil nematodes, insects, and mites.
Then, in April, start feeding the trees fortnightly with a balanced liquid fertiliser such as Phostrogen, and also spray with a systemic insecticide. Do not use the leaves in cooking until after the period stipulated on the insecticide bottle.
Take care to tackle aphids at the first sign of trouble using a systemic insecticide or a tar oil wash such as Morteg during the winter as a preventative measure.
Where only imidacloprid is being used continually to control Antestia bug in coffee plantations, it should be alternated with other contact insecticides because as a systemic insecticide, the likelihood for the bug to develop resistance is high (Prabhaker et al.
Look above the honeydew coating to find the pests, rinse them off, and treat with a systemic insecticide.
For the unseen eggs lurking below the foliage, a systemic insecticide drench while your plants are still outside is recommended.
President Aquino through Presidential Assistant on Food Security and Agricultural Modernization Francis Pangilinan has allotted P750 million for the administration of pest control strategies, which include the application of a systemic insecticide on tree trunks of CSI-infested trees.
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