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an instruction that interrupts the program being executed and passes control to the supervisor

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Pe Cp,Mp,P,Q; /* declaration process expression */ appType atype; instanceID iid; processLabel pl; atype=GetappType(syscall); /*access the application type identifier of syscall */ iid=GetinstanceID(syscall); /*access the running instance identifier of syscall */ if(pl=FindProcessID(atype,iid,rsSet)) /*if the rsSet have not the current running instance, then alert */ alert(); /* abnormality, quit, alert */ Cp=GetPe(pl); /* access the process expression according to pl */ if(Cp contain ||A){ P=leftprocessLable(Cp); Q=rightprocessLable(Cp); rsSet.insert(P); rsSet.insert(Q); } else{ Mp=migration(Cp); /* process migration function */ rsSet.delete(Cp); rsSet.insert(Mp); } Return rsSet; The migration method in the algorithm is given in Section 5.2, shown in Fig.
Para la implementacion del modelo MVCD para Mapana se crearon nuevos syscalls por medio de la tabla sys_call_table del kernel ubicada en el archivo entry.S del directorio /usr/src/linux-2.4/arch/i386/kernel.
This program can be executed exactly as it is; at every execution it decides which syscall to make.
syscall denotes system calls, acttype denotes action type, including actions and coactions, and paramlist denotes an argument list for syscall.
Source Fraction of samples (%) syscalls 47.7 ip-output 28 ip-intr 16.4 tcpip-others 5.4 traps 2.5 The sources "syscalls" and "traps" are self-explanatory.