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a native or inhabitant of Syria

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We are calling on the Syrian army to protect Afrin, because we'd love to preserve a unified Syria," said Nuri Mahmoud, a spokesperson for the YPG, in media statements.
In early 2015, the MoNE decided that educational needs of Syrian children would no longer be "temporary" and in the 2016-2017 school year began preparing students for enrollment in Turkish state schools.
Organized by the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and its Countryside, the Forum was held in cooperation with the Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF) and the Exports and Local Production Support and Development Agency with the participation of Syrian businessmen and industrialists and Iraqi businessmen.
The President of Armenia and the Syrian Ambassador exchanged views on the situation in Syria and in the Middle East, the problems and challenges faced in the region.
The downing of the warplane - the first time in the conflict that the US has shot down a Syrian jet - came as Iran fired several ballistic missiles at IS positions in eastern Syria in retaliation for two attacks by the extremists in Tehran earlier this month that killed 17 people.
The SDF forces have found the pilot of the Syrian warplane that was shot down in Raqqa on Sunday, social media activists said today.
According to reports yesterday, the Israeli Finance Ministry has approved plans for the construction of 1600 homes in the illegal Israeli settlement of Katzrin in the Occupied Syrian Golan.
The Islamic State group claimed that its fighters shot down a Syrian military plane in the eastern Syrian city of Deir al-Zor, the ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq said Sunday.
Beirut: Twenty days after the Turkish army overran the Syrian border city of Jarablus, the Turks are trying to add more territory to an enclave they hope to carve out in Syrian territory which will be used to house Syrian refugees and fighters.
You can also see some Syrian children working in organized industrial zones such as OSTyM and for small furniture workshops in the capital's Siteler neighborhood.
AMMAN, Sept 10 (KUNA) -- Syrian opposition has confirmed that Russian military people are taking part in military operations in the northern port city of Latakia.
Summary: For the past two years, more restaurants highlighting Syrian culture, both in their cuisine and interior decor, have been popping up in Beirut, mainly in Verdun and Hamra.
NNA - Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nuhad al-Mashnouq, stressed Sunday that his adopted decision with regards to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon was taken after consulting with various influential sides and March 8th cabinet ministers, adding that the matter has nothing to do with the Syrian presidential elections whatsoever.
Turkish forces have shot down a Syrian military jet they say was violating their airspace despite warnings.
9--The Syrian Refugee Relief Commission in Yemen in partnership with other civil society organizations and NGOs launched the "Save Them" campaign on Saturday, which aims to raise funds for Syrians facing displacement and other difficulties as a result of the ongoing war in Syria.