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Irish poet and playwright whose plays are based on rural Irish life (1871-1909)

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While most of them handle secondary or cultural questions--folklore, music, graphic arts--and Synge is the author of two dramatic masterpieces, his only works to receive any sustained attention here are his anthropological essays on Wicklow and the Aran Islands.
Corkery (1878-1964) wrote Synge and Anglo-Irish Literature (1931), a landmark in Irish criticism and in which he asks which of the two literatures in Ireland at the time, the literature written by the "Celtic Revival" or popular literature would be the foundation of future Irish writing: "if one then hold that Anglo-Irish literature has scarcely begun to exist, one may ask: Whether is this unsophisticated popular literature, with its Irish message, or the exotic poetry that Ireland, the Ireland that counts, cares so little for, the better foundation to build upon?
Synge, the playwright of The Playboy of the Western World, when he dies prematurely from Hodgkin's disease.
Like so many other perennially broke Irish writers in the first quarter of the 20th century, Synge preferred to live in Paris rather than Dublin.
According to available sources, Synge became known to Hungarian literati in the 1920s.
But I think few will regret having invested their time in the Lincoln Center Festival's DruidSynge, the sequential presentation of all six plays of John Millington Synge by Galway's Druid Theater Company.
Synge, Edwin Muir, George Mackay Brown, Paul Valery, Eugenio Montale, Osip Mandelstam, R.
Many of the works (mainly drawings), which feature several Irish literary figures including George Russell (AE) and John Millington Synge, were produced as artist and sitter conversed.
Both have been quickly assimilated into the heritage of Irish theatre stretching back to Synge and O'Casey, in spite of McDonagh's claims that he had never read Synge before he wrote Beauty Queen, and McPherson's uneasiness at being labelled an 'Irish' playwright.
She plays Widow Quin in the Druid Theatre Company's production of the JM Synge classic alongside Cillian Murphy and Anne-Marie Duff.
Dr Archer John Porter Martin, of London, and Dr Richard Laurence Millington Synge, of Buksbarn, Aberdeenshire, shared the chemistry prize of pounds 11,408 for their successful work in filter-paper chromatography - a form of analysis.
Jennifer, 31, said: "I'm walking along and I'm reading - I think it was a book of plays by Synge - and this man comes over to me and says, 'What are you reading?
Synge first showed this play in Dublin in 1907, the moral outrage it caused was so great that the police had to protect the cast.
Such comments are hardly surprising given the prominent invocation of the Irish Renaissance in key "New Negro" documents, such as the praise of John Synge as an inspiration for black writers by James Weldon Johnson in the preface to the seminal Book of American Negro Poetry (1922) and the analogy between Dublin as the center of the "New Ireland" and Harlem as the locus of the "New Negro" in Locke's introductory essay to The New Negro (1925).
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