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Synonyms for synaesthesia

a sensation that normally occurs in one sense modality occurs when another modality is stimulated

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1993) show that the control group performs poorly in comparison with the experimental group of synaesthetes.
The main objective of this experiment was to investigate the possible differences in the mental set reconfiguration between four digit-color synaesthete participants (all of them of the sub-type associators) and non-synaesthete participants.
Many people thought Kandinsky was also a synaesthete, though no-one had been able to prove this was true.
Rimbaud, the synaesthete who describes the color of vowels in his
Other IndieCade games shown at E for All include: Synaesthete (Digipen), World Without Oil (Writerguy LLC); The Misadventures of P.
Other acts set to mark the festival's 10th anniversary are Benny Smiles, Imploded View, Synaesthete, and Fight Like Apes.
Whole genome sequencing in two newly ascertained multigenerational synaesthesia families will determine the role of rare genetic variants (Work Package 1, WP1), while genome-wide genotyping of 1000 unrelated synaesthetes will unmask contributions from common variation (WP2).
Some synaesthetes experience colour when they hear sounds or read words.
16) Patricia Duffy, Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens: How Synaesthetes Color Their Worlds, Henry Holt & Company, 2001, 64.