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Synonyms for symbiosis

the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent

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The technologies which are being offered by Symbiot will be combined with the buyera[euro](tm)s Chaos Engine to take non-equilibrium risk models onto mobile computing devices.
89) Paco X Nathan & Mike W Erwin, White Paper, 78766-9646, "On the Rules of Engagement for Information Warfare" (4 March 2004), online : Symbiot <http://www.
The Biomek FX Plate Replication System from Beckman Coulter is also a high-throughput instrument but, unlike the MagNA Pure LC and the SymBiot I, only performs DNA purification.
The relationship of the oil companies and the government is a symbiot one.
Open Country joins founding members Ayamon, Emu Software, Qlusters, Symbiot, Webmin, and Zenoss, business ventures that all strongly advocate Open Source.
See Majuca & Kesan, supra note 24, at 5-6 (citing a survey indicating that a number of Fortune 500 companies had installed counterattack-capable software as of the late 1990s); see also Jensen, supra note 19, at 230 (referencing ForeScout's "ActiveResponse" technology that the company claims to be capable of "repelling" and blocking attackers); Press Release, Symbiot Security, Symbiot Security Announces World's First Solution to Strike Back Against Network-Based Attackers (Mar.
The Proteomics Solution 1 System includes the SymBiot I Sample Preparation Workstation and the Voyager-DE PRO Biospectrometry Workstation, a MALDI-TOF benchtop spectrometer.
Mike Erwin, founder and chief executive officer of Symbiot, said, "I'm excited to see an organization like the Open Management Consortium through which security tools can be integrated with other systems monitoring, administrative and management systems to provide a cohesive vantage of an organization's technology landscape.
Prior to joining Qlusters, Hurley co-founded Symbiot, the pioneering firm in the application of risk metrics to adaptive network security.
SANDY, Utah -- Currently Symbiot Business Group is responsible for thousands of pre-qualified independent top facility service providers and their suppliers providing multiple services to national property owners in more than 400 cities in 41 states.