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a writing system whose characters represent syllables

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To begin with, it would be more accurate to say that Sequoyah, whose "English" name is sometimes given as George Guess, was the first widely-reported non-literate creator of a syllabic writing system. It may seem like hair-splitting, but technically Sequoyah created a syllabary, not an alphabet.
Evans was an avid philologist whose desire for an easy-to-learn "shorthand" method of writing these Indian languages provided the initial framework of the syllabic writing system. In the fall of 1841, while lodged at Norway House in Manitoba, he produced, after planning and experimentation, the first syllabic chart and some hymns in Cree.
Katakana is a syllabic writing system which uses parts of Chinese ideographs and written in noncursive form.
The language used is English, but the basic concepts apply to any alphabetic or syllabic writing system. A half-hour cartoon video can help adults and adolescents with learning difficulties.