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a writing system whose characters represent syllables

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To begin with, it would be more accurate to say that Sequoyah, whose "English" name is sometimes given as George Guess, was the first widely-reported non-literate creator of a syllabic writing system.
Extensive use of the syllabary is introduced, with exercises in syllabic writing. The second-level text no longer contains the full glossary; a glossary for all three levels will be appended to Spoken Cree, Level III.
Their reason for advancing this hypothesis was that they were familiar with young children's progress in writing from scribbling to syllabic writing and then to alphabetico-syllabic writing.
Evans was an avid philologist whose desire for an easy-to-learn "shorthand" method of writing these Indian languages provided the initial framework of the syllabic writing system.
Katakana is a syllabic writing system which uses parts of Chinese ideographs and written in noncursive form.
Syllabic writing. Since pictographic/ideographic scripts are not phonetic--that is, one does not have to know the language to read the message as long as one is familiar with the system of symbols used--we will never know who first made the transition and invented writing.
The language used is English, but the basic concepts apply to any alphabetic or syllabic writing system.