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a cane concealing a sword or dagger


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the was hunted cornered and a swordstick Their lawyers had argued that life sentences were far too severe in light of their youth and a breach of their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.
But, rejecting their complaints, Lord Thomas added: "This was a murder which took place in the context of gang violence in Liverpool, in which the deceased was hunted down, cornered and a knife and swordstick used on him.
Another word of warning here: it is illegal for a dealer or auction house to sell a swordstick that is less than 100 years old, as it is to carry a swordstick in the street, although collectors are perfectly at liberty to display them in their homes.
As Mr Graham then spoke to another resident about what had happened, Titmus came out carrying a swordstick and with a cycle chain over his shoulder, and asked: "Are you f***ing accusing me of doing it?
When she said she might tell her family, he threatened her with a swordstick - a cane concealing a sword - it was alleged during the trial.
York, brandishing the swordstick with which he dispatches Richard, looked like Dr Caligari.
But only when he wipes blood from his swordstick do we think maybe we shouldn't have.
But the debt collectors, delightfully called Swordstick, still hounded Suzanne, so it was time for Sorted to wade in.
Sure enough, a letter arrived this month from the quaintly-named Swordstick Debt Collection agency warning of court action and agents who would "attend your premises to establish payment".
There were also 28 firearms, of which six were real rather than replicas, a mace and a swordstick.
With his silk top hat, flowing satin-lined cape and twirling swordstick, Gifford presented an impressive sight.
But ex-gang member Anthony Garcia, 20, managed to fight them off with a swordstick.
Searches at various UK airports have turned up a worrying assortment of items--guns, knives, lead coshes, even swordsticks, but at Manchester Airport this ever-increasing haul is being put to good use.
Their weapons were swordsticks, flails, and lungcrunchers - a baton with a lethal chain whip.
Swordsticks are guite common still, but many may be modern copies and together with shotguns disguised as walking sticks, I suspect many may not be legal.