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someone skilled at fencing

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The Swordsmen have a proud tradition of service with honor, an unrivaled spirit and unmatched dedication.
Savani -- the tournament's MVP -- and Afusia led the Swordsmen with 14 points each while Vodicska and Andrina Rendon added 12, most coming on fast breaks.
This tells the story of three noble swordsmen, Porthos, Athos and Aramis who, along with loyal guardian D'Artagnan, come together to fight for honor and truth to stop the evil Cardinal Richelieu from gaining power over King Louis XIII.
A teen's thirst for revenge after the vicious slaying of his parents leads him to seek out a group of swordsmen sworn to protect the capital against rebels--the same rebels who murdered Tetsu's parents.
Roger Manning's Swordsmen is a thoroughly researched and richly detailed study of the remilitarization, as he puts it, of the English aristocracy from the late Elizabethan years to the early eighteenth century.
The events programme is packed full of activities for young and old and includes an Easter Sunday Eggstravaganza, staged fights by professional swordsmen and Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra in concert.
REGARDING the ghostly duelling swordsmen seen in Huskisson Street by Mr Haygarth and his taxi driver (ECHO letters, Jan 5), these apparitions have been seen since at least the 1950s.
In his travels, he runs afoul of the Yoshioka fencing school, and in a breathtaking sequence, Musashi single-handedly defeats the entire school, slaughtering dozens of swordsmen.
The swordsmen despised courtiers: far from being "sons of Mars," they were "nephews of Venus.
THE problem for maneaters like FA secretary Faria Alam is that in their hunt for rich husbands they find only predatory swordsmen like Sven Goran Eriksson.
Nearly all the artworks presented were once owned by trained swordsmen, yet their elegance reveals as much of individual style and personality as they do lethal functionalist.
99, call our Music Line on 01634 832 789Two Lone Swordsmen -From the Double Gone Chapel (Warp) The Double Gone Chapel is a clubnight run by legendary Swordsman Andy Weatherall, specialising in psychedelic guitar music and all things groovy but not electronic.
Born in 1739 to an African-born enslaved mother oil the island of Guadeloupe, Saint George grew up to become one of Europe's top swordsmen, musicians and military leaders.
Swordsmen from across Britain will be in town to demonstrate skills-at-arms of cudgel-play, traditional pugilism, wrestling and, of course, fencing.
You'll see ribbon dancers, tai chi swordsmen, and lion dancers, all marking the Year of the Horse.