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Synonyms for swordfish

flesh of swordfish usually served as steaks

large toothless marine food fish with a long swordlike upper jaw

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The fish was likely to be popular with British consumers who liked sword-fish, tuna and Chilean sea-bass, and it would be priced competitively against premium fish species currently sold in the UK, he added.
30pm, it's pounds 7 (pounds 5) to get in and advance tickets are on sale at Sword-fish Records on Newhall Street 0121 6334859 and Jib-bering Records in Moseley on 0121 4494551.
This would include lobster and crab cakes or French onion soup, a veal chop with Roquefort butter, broiled lobster, grilled sword-fish Jardiniere, and sesame seared tuna.
Sainsbury's will next consider whether to continue selling the next highest priority species such as sword-fish, marlin and Dover sole.
It's got a very meaty taste, similar to sword-fish, and goes well on the barbecue.
Which brings us to the heart of a sword-fish vessel: a well-planned, secure 12-volt system.
Lightweight fluff like Kate and Leopold and Someone Like You, high octane action vehicle Sword-fish and the gothic horror that was Van Helsing cemented his leading-man-who-is-good-with-the-ladies status.
In December and January, while we shiver under dark skies, the warm wind blows along Africa's eastern coast and the Indian Ocean teems with marlin, sword-fish, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, kingfish and dorado.