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Synonyms for swordfish

flesh of swordfish usually served as steaks

large toothless marine food fish with a long swordlike upper jaw

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In contrast, the sword-fish catch rates increased with both the thresher shark and PLCA closures, but the magnitude of the effect of the PLCA closure was substantially less (Fig.
This would include lobster and crab cakes or French onion soup, a veal chop with Roquefort butter, broiled lobster, grilled sword-fish Jardiniere, and sesame seared tuna.
Sainsbury's will next consider whether to continue selling the next highest priority species such as sword-fish, marlin and Dover sole.
It's got a very meaty taste, similar to sword-fish, and goes well on the barbecue.
Generally sword-fish can be caught year-round in the Keys, so May is more about getting the better, calmer weather conditions to target these fish rather than being the most action packed time of year.
Lightweight fluff like Kate and Leopold and Someone Like You, high octane action vehicle Sword-fish and the gothic horror that was Van Helsing cemented his leading-man-who-is-good-with-the-ladies status.
In December and January, while we shiver under dark skies, the warm wind blows along Africa's eastern coast and the Indian Ocean teems with marlin, sword-fish, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, kingfish and dorado.
He will be joined by Wonder Stuff violinist Erika Nockalls for the performances, taking place at Rise stores in Bristol, Cheltenham and Worcester, plus Cheltenham indie shop Badlands, ending with a mini-gig at Sword-fish in Temple Street, Birmingham, at 3.
Which brings us to the heart of a sword-fish vessel: a well-planned, secure 12-volt system.
Now, in a story set in the near future, it's Wolverine star Hugh Jackman, whom I compared to Clint when he starred in Sword-fish (2001).