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a baseball player who can bat either right or left handed

slang term for a bisexual person

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Against Sri Lanka, Pietersen bewitched spectators with a giddy show of switch-hitting on his way to an innings of 151 runs, his 20th Test hundred.
Umpire Bruce Oxenford explained afterwards: "The ICC think switch-hitting is an excellent innovation in the modern game.
Former Championship - winning all-rounder Brown acknowledged Pietersen has added a new dimension to the skill by actually taking the grip of a left-hander, but he is not getting as carried away by the switch-hitting as many seem to be.
RICKY Ponting says Australia's batsmen may imitate Kevin Pietersen's switch-hitting pyrotechnics.
KEVIN PIETERSEN believes innovation - as demonstrated by his switch-hitting exploits - keeps the game enjoyable for spectators and players alike.
NEW Zealand have come out in support of Kevin Pietersen's improvised switch-hitting as cricket's law-makers meet to decide whether his brilliant display was legal.
KEVIN PIETERSEN'S improvised switch-hitting will be discussed by the MCC today to determine the legality of his amazing innovations against New Zealand on Sunday.
The switch-hitting Betemit, meanwhile, entered Monday hitless in his past 18 at-bats, with seven strikeouts.
In a matchup with Japanese compatriot Hideki Matsui, who had a quiet evening with a pair of strikeouts in going 0-for-4, the switch-hitting Rockies second baseman tripled down the left-field line from the right side of the plate to break open the game in a four-run seventh inning.
This season he'll dance the male lead in La Cage (Robert LaFosse's parody of Robbins' The Cage) after switch-hitting as the ballerina in Paquita.
Aided no doubt by its salacious title and frisky video, which features sexually adventurous women jockeying for space on Mizzle's lap, "She Bi" is the newest addition to a growing pop music trend: the straight male fascination with switch-hitting ladies.
Daiei's new acquisition Morgan Burkhart impressed the coaching staff as the switch-hitting former Boston Red Sox infielder hit six pitches out of 26 swings over the outfield fence in batting practice.
First, it is mildly surprising that switch-hitting is not a dominant strategy for batters.
Known for his speedy base running, slick fielding and switch-hitting prowess, Covelli Loyce Crisp has fast become a Fenway fan favorite, known more universally by his childhood nickname, Coco.
While a return to switch-hitting was not a topic of the manager's conversation with Victorino on Wednesday, Farrell would not rule out the possibility.