Swiss steak

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steak braised in tomato and onion mixture

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The recipes are neatly separated into different chapters for the basic food groups, and include added extras such as "Sauces and Marinades," "Breads and Such" and "Endings," Who would have thought that you could make Chicken Parmesan by just using foil, or Swiss Steak in a dutch oven?
Other precooked innovations making their way to store shelves include seasoned tri-tip roast, beef pot roast with gravy, prime rib slices, corned beef brisket, chicken fried steak, Swiss steak and meatloaf.
To which my response has been, "Because after its last use, the bristles swore an oath never to be separated again." If she wanted to use the brush for tenderizing Swiss steak, it was all hers.
Soups, Stews and Chilis, pages 36-53 provide recipes I have now tried, Simmered Split Pea Sour, delectable, Hearty Vegetable and Potato Chowder, and Swiss Steak Stew, both also toothsome.
Illustrated with delightful period line drawings and color photos, "Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cooking with Betty" is a hardcover reprint features 200 tried-and-true recipes for barbecues, picnics, camping trips, and boating excursions ranging from Beef Tenderloin Roast, Grilled Lobster Tails, and French Fried Onion Rings, to Swiss Steak Meal in Foil, Summer Macaroni Salad, and Vagabond Strawberry Shortcakes.
For lunch or dinner try Curried Mung Bean Stew, Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili, Fava Bean Risotto, or Seitan Swiss Steak. Some delicious sides include Bok Choy, Mushrooms, and Onion with Tamari Lime Dressing; Steamed Kabocha Squash; or Rosemary and Thyme Brussels Sprouts.
The entree choices will be baked fish with dill sauce, Swiss steak or Santa Fe salad.
The brush is now good for nothing but pounding the meat for Swiss steak.
Organized into eight distinctive chapters of thematically appropriate dishes (Delightful 'Do-Able' Dinners; GR8 Meals for Entertaining and Every Day; Splendid Sides; Simply Savory Salads & Sandwiches; Satisfying Soups & Stews; Sunshine Starters; Perfect Endings - Desserts; and Friday Night Fun Foods), the recipes range from Mom's Swiss Steak; Grandma's Stuffed Peppers; Healthy Baked Sweet Potato Fries; and Kate's Health and Delicious Mediterranean Veggie Wrap; to Savory Chicken Corn Soup; Strawberry Pancake Compote; White Chocolate Flag Cake; and Toasted Pita Chips.
// Embarrassing low-class no-class entrees / like her swiss steak, / her bean soup in a kettle.
Swiss steak, carrots, roll, pineapple pretzel salad
* Wednesday: Swiss steak w/gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, wheat bread, orange fluff
* Tuesday: Swiss steak, boiled new potatoes, salad, wheat bread, fruitcake
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