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the natives or inhabitants of Switzerland


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According to a survey held last year, upto 275,000 Swiss people in a population of 8 million, have sex with animals.
I have noticed the special quality of Swiss people, their culture and food in my long-term association with them," said Imamat H.
The Swiss people decisively voted down a sweeping anti-gun proposal this February.
I'm extremely satisfied, it shows that the Swiss people mobilised to preserve our democracy, to preserve our rights and freedoms, and I think it seals a pact the Swiss people want to preserve Switzerland as it is today for the next decades or even centuries," said Xavier Schwytzguebel, president of the youth section of the Swiss People's Party shortly after the provisional results were given.
I don't think this award ceremony is - how do you say - how the Swiss people see me.
Both easyJet and the airport say they believe it's also a great opportunity to market Yorkshire to the Swiss people and attract more visitors to the region.
Reimann said there was fear and unease against foreigners in Switzerland and the Swiss people felt their identity under threat.
The Swiss people who participated in the public referendum that was conducted last week, following the motion by two right wing Swiss political parties to ban the construction of new minarets, voted for the ban with a majority 57%.
The Swiss people will some day come to realize what a grave mistake they have made," Ahmed Aboul Gheit told Egyptian television in comments carried by the official MENA news agency.
The Swiss people who own the pub have turned it around from a stinking hell hole with terrible toilets and no woman customers into a welcoming family place.
The problems are all at the Swiss end and if UEFA are not to be left red-faced, it will be down to the Swiss people to give the organisers the green light.
Enjoy the warm hospitality, meet multilingual and friendly Swiss people, and experience our marvelous train system.
The Swiss people were asked to give their verdict about a Government counter-project to a popular initiative seeking to strength the Swiss motorway network quite significantly (Avanti initiative - in favour of safe and efficient motorways).
The Swiss police needn't have any worries whatsoever about where our people are going to sit and whether or not they can sit beside Swiss people.
For Greenpeace on the other hand, the Swiss people missed a "unique opportunity" to prepare the way for a managed withdrawal from nuclear.
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