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one of the cantons of Switzerland

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Muscat, Jan 16 (ONA) Darwish bin Ismail bin Ali al-Balushi, Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs received in his Office here today Charles Juillard, President of the Government and Ministre of Finance, Justice and Police at the Swiss Canton of the Jura, currently visiting the Sultanate.
The spoon with the bear finial features the older coin of the two, a 20 Kreuzer piece dated 1797 from the Swiss canton of Bern, the emblem of Bern being a bear.
Police in the Swiss canton of Valais confirmed a 42-year-old man in a wingsuit had died after jumping with a friend from a helicopter in the Grandes-Otannes area, near the border with France.
The Swiss Canton of Lucerne is now a major player when it comes to enticing new businesses to settle in Europe.
Located in the Swiss canton of Ticino, Limn is a high quality manufacturer of active botanical ingredients, and specializes in the extraction, purification and processing of rich plant materials and the semi synthesis of fine chemicals.
Among specific topics are indirect measurement in morphological typology, qualitative and quantitative ways of tapping into the multilingual repertoire, underlying parameters and methodological procedures for historical text analysis, experimental methods in psycholinguistics, and the territoriality principle's applicability to the Romansh area in the Swiss canton of Grisons.
The success in Hemberg encouraged local government officials in Hirschberg, in the Swiss canton (state) of Appenzell, to ask Karim for help.
The company is to build a new factory in Romont in the Swiss canton of Fribourg to increase coffee capsule production.
The publication of the report by the prosecutor's office of the Swiss canton of Zug suggests that current FIFA president Sepp Blatter would have been aware of at least one bribe paid to Havelange.
When the laws are enforced--many aren't--fines vary from about $3 in a Swiss canton to more than $400 in Cyprus.
Reuters reported last week that the Swiss canton of Valais, best known for the "Toblerone mountain" and world-class ski resorts, in March published a list of 15 steps it said Tamoil should implement to clean up the 50-year old plant.
52 passengers were on board the bus when it crashed into the wall of a tunnel in the Swiss canton of Valais on Tuesday evening.
The bus carrying 52 people, including 12-year-old students from two different Belgian schools, crashed at around 9pm local time on Wednesday inside a tunnel on the A9 highway near Sierre, Switzerland, in the southern Swiss canton (state) of Valais, an area of popular ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.
FIFA president Sepp Blatter initially said he would publish the court document last month but this was delayed to February due to legal action by Teixeira in a court in the Swiss canton of Zug.
I called to both Swiss banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, to insist on the local and strategic importance of the Cressier plant," said Thierry Grosjean, Economy Minister at the Swiss canton of Neuchatel, home to Petroplus's Cressier refinery.