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Synonyms for Swiss

the natives or inhabitants of Switzerland

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In fact, about four o'clock they were all concentrated about the Palais Royal, the courts and ground floors of which were filled with musketeers and Swiss guards, and there awaited the outcome of all this disturbance.
The Swiss youth was never found again, and there can be no doubt that he was one of the numerous agents whom Moriarty kept in this employ.
I immediately tried to get up a diversion about Swiss scenery, to keep her from launching into topics that might betray that I did not know her, but it was of no use, she went right along upon matters which interested her more:
The king has given no orders about it," replied the Swiss, "so keep your sword.
The Swiss did as D'Artagnan advised, and conducted him to the vestibule of the king's cabinet.
As The Airline of Switzerland, it is particularly important to us to support football, which is one of the favourite leisure interests of the Swiss people, says Markus Binkert, SWISSs Chief Commercial Officer.
Swiss International to expand its Geneva-based network Swiss is to introduce a new daily service between Geneva and Prague on December 15.
Swiss Re also issued $500 million in mandatory convertible instruments, which in three years will convert to Swiss Re shares, to GE.
The Matin article angrily remarked on the conspicuous absence at the opening of the Swiss ambassador to France, Francois Nordmann, and noted that he had sent a confidential note to Bern suggesting the exhibition could "harm the image of Switzerland," a bottom-up democracy where just about everything is decided by popular vote.
However, the volume of Swiss domestic transactions is limited.
Toblerone, the Swiss army knife (Karl Elsener, 1897), Univers typeface (Adrian Frutiger, 1954), Max Bill's graphics, USM Haller (1963) system furniture?
The assault began with widely circulated allegations - the truth is less clear-cut than news reports have made it sound - that Swiss banks swallowed great sums deposited in private accounts by victims of the Holocaust.
The Swiss study, which came on the eve of the first major international conference on the Nazi gold affair, was said by its authors to be the first to trace gold transactions by the Nazi central bank, or Reichsbank.
Swiss Bank Tower is managed by The Galbreath Company, which also serves as exclusive leasing agent for the property.