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Synonyms for Swiss

the natives or inhabitants of Switzerland

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In fact, about four o'clock they were all concentrated about the Palais Royal, the courts and ground floors of which were filled with musketeers and Swiss guards, and there awaited the outcome of all this disturbance.
The Swiss youth was never found again, and there can be no doubt that he was one of the numerous agents whom Moriarty kept in this employ.
I immediately tried to get up a diversion about Swiss scenery, to keep her from launching into topics that might betray that I did not know her, but it was of no use, she went right along upon matters which interested her more:
Good-day to you!" said the Swiss, in his mountain patois.
"The king has given no orders about it," replied the Swiss, "so keep your sword."
The Swiss did as D'Artagnan advised, and conducted him to the vestibule of the king's cabinet.
ah!" said the Gascon, "this is the gentleman who clipped off the lace from the uniform of the Swiss! A praiseworthy piece of economy."
The document revealed that most of the Swiss companies in Egypt work in the services sector.
Swiss Re announced that Russell Higginbotham has been appointed CEO Reinsurance Asia and regional president, effective July 8, 2019, and subject to necessary regulatory approvals.
Insurers and reinsurers alike should be wary about risks stemming from the new 5G mobile networks now being installed around the world, Swiss Re warns in its bi-annual SONAR report.
To honour the occasion, SWISS will offer a vegetarian three-course Hiltl meal option to Economy Class travellers on selected long-haul flights.
This saw the emergence of two associations - the Swiss Association of Machinery Manufacturers (VSM) and the Association of Swiss Engineering Employees (ASM).
There was noted that an Azerbaijani-Swiss business forum is planned to be held in Azerbaijan during the visit of the head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, Swiss commerce minister Johann Niklaus Schneider-Ammann to Azerbaijan.
The MOF issued the refutation in a statement today following reports that both Lim and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail had sent letters to Switzerland's MPs to lobby for repatriation of 104 million Swiss francs (1 Swiss franc = RM4.13) retained by the country's Financial Regulators (FINMA), which was allegedly linked to 1MDB.