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a style of jazz played by big bands popular in the 1930s


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So, if you are a lover of the romantic era, a fan of swing jazz or are just looking for a relaxed night out with good music, Mood Indigo at Sarah's Jazz Club is exactly what you're looking for.
Free family entertainment includes music from local swing jazz band The Ginger Rogers, tonight at 6.
Music from the Gypsy Swing jazz band helped create a lively atmosphere and local drummers EE By Drum encouraged passers by to stop and have a go themselves.
JULIE LONDON BestOf Th EMI Gold) SMOKY-voiced Julie London, from Santa Rosa, California, was one of the smoothest, sexiest and prolific singers of standards and swing jazz of the 1950s and 60s.
This piece is in C major with accidentals throughout to give the rich flavor of swing jazz.
The swing jazz influences never sound retro, just elements in the sort of thrilling new musical hybrids that are second nature to them.
But there are whole weekends given over to the kind of European gipsy swing jazz that had its pinnacle group in the Quintette Du Hot Club De France, and the spirit of the Belgian-born guitarist Django Reinhardt is felt not only by kids growing up in circles of motor homes beneath French highway interchanges but in the leafy suburbs of British second cities.
She signed off with a light, swing jazz rendition of her most recognised song, Weak.
Bad Seed and I'm a Man were pure joy to listen to as every musical influence from R&B and Swing Jazz came and went as quickly as the sell-out audience went to the bar.
In a thoughtful gesture of completion, the curators arranged their own sound track for Pollock viewing, offering on the audio-guide and in a compact disc some of the traditional and swing jazz that the artist actually favored during the critical years in which he was changing painting for all time.
Schuller corrects this oversight by praising James as an important jazz trumpet player and complimenting his use of a string section in the James band, a practice that created "a synthesis of the lyrical-vocal and swing jazz .
With an informative Foreword by Tanya Tucker, "The Spree of 83" features exclusive commentaries from Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, John Rich, Tanya Tucker, The Voice finalist/Powers' protege Mary Sarah, and hosts of other Nashville luminaries, as it showcases Freddy Powers 50-year career expanding the perimeters of country and western music, including the creation of a fusion of country honky-tonk and swing jazz.