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an English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745)

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This law would not replicate Swiftian general law because it would be tailored to the particular jurisdiction with authority to govern the dispute.
The whole passage, far from being an expression either of Gulliver's character, or some Swiftian compassion for oppressed peoples, exists in a twilight zone between both, without being either.
The track "National Anthem" (Born to Die, Interscope), Del Rey's parapatriotic send-up of American luxury, may not rank as the year's greatest song, but its eight-minute video, which reimagines the Camelot fairy tale of JFK and Jackie O, invents a new subset of pop: Call it postironic satire--a Swiftian revival that multiplies the objects of its parody with such reckless guile that it seems challenging and new.
Set in an Ireland of perpetual Swiftian malaise, where the Celtic Tiger is not even an exotic rumor, the cold, rainy landscape embodies the novel's deeply emotional and frequently harrowing quandary.
A Popean or Swiftian reference to Homer might function to mock the incivilities and corruption of the present, and to do so might require turning to the high moments of Homeric invocation, where the bard is described in heroic glory.
Not for me Swiftian satire then, more the energetic and pithy re-telling of a somewhat ordinary story.
This concern is thus seen to define both Muldoon's relation to tradition--it underlies Holdridge's argument on his indebtedness to Swiftian satire, energised by indignation--and to all the recurrent public and private objects of Muldoon's poetic attention.
Is she indeed a Swiftian, or is she just swift to make a buck out of a shady tale?
The movie does away with the stream of conscious games and tells the story in a straightforward way, which is suited to the Swiftian scatology that illuminate the "Intimate" part of the title.
Nevertheless, the need for facilitated screening of antibody-producing hybridomas in the late 1970s gave rise to Western blotting, again validating the Swiftian dictum of necessity leading to invention.
If one assumes that such lines emerge from a Swiftian sensibility, Dorn's lack of specificity may well seem to be a coded comment, understood only by those "in the know.
Gary Shteyngart is a melancholy Russian, a wandering Jew, an unassimilated American, a Swiftian satirist and a Gogolian taleteller.
Other articles look at medieval European ideas of Oriental sexuality and a hermaphroditic colony imagined in Australia as a Swiftian commentary on contemporary Europe.
However, this article, which appeared after 9/11 in the right-wing National Review, is a deliberate provocation: a Swiftian "Modest Proposal" seeking to make the point--however heavy-handedly--that Canada should spend more on defence.
Costello's remarks signal to attentive readers that in Elizabeth Costello Coetzee observes and subtly reworks the Aristotelian or Swiftian tripartite division of beings.