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an English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745)

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This pronouncement is cynical, and even condescending to the working classes, but it is not Swiftian because Arnold sees a clear, readily attainable alternative to such an outcome.
In addition to Swift, another satirical seriator was Rabelais, but Carlin apparently rejected the term satirist when applied to himself, though to many of us he may seem to be oscillating between the Swiftian savage indignation of Juvenalian ridicule and the amused contempt of Horatian.
A smaller number of imitations reflect serious efforts to replicate and deploy Swiftian satiric techniques.
Well, it does require courage of a sort to put forth--with all earnestness-views as Swiftian as these.
Porter at his best seems to be hurling Swiftian epithets at his own credulity, and his book is sometimes that satirical and that good, though for the most part it is full of echoes of other writers with whom he cannot claim to keep fit company, such as Hardy and William Carlos Williams and Proust and Conrad, and even, in one awful bilingual pun, Moliere, as he exclaims in a poem called "Two Cultures": "Oh, look there, it's our mallard imaginaire.
It is difficult to discern whether or not this matter-of-fact narrative voice is informed by Swiftian irony aimed at conveying how absurd it is to label as Jewish such a common reaction.
It might be better to introduce them to ``Gulliver'' through the Fleischer Studio's 1939 cartoon, and then reintroduce them to this more accurately Swiftian version when they're a little older.
On bringing out such links (some, like the Swiftian, well known, some not) Ricks invariably heightens the distinctiveness of the writers he scrutinizes; in itself a distinctive achievement.
Jack Black hopes to impress travel writer Amanda Peet by filing a piece from the Bermuda Triangle Forget any notions of Swiftian satire.
These satirical sideswipes are mainly founded on the familiar technique of Swiftian mock-impersonation, where a given role is performed and exaggerated to such an extent that its absurdity becomes evident.
The English he could not abide, an animus apparent in his book about twentieth-century English literature, A Sinking Island, where his distaste is made articulate, damning, and not a little Swiftian.
At the same time, there is a Swiftian quality to the work, a kind of social satire working to correct the folly of our age.
On National Public Radio, the news sounded like bad Swiftian parody.
They presumably chose the mode of fantasy as a partial distancing device for their bitter mockeries or savage caricatures, more Swiftian, it could be argued, than strictly dystopian--if dystopian is the dark mirror image of future looking utopias.
Italy's Nobel Prize-winning leftist playwright-comedian Dario Fo enjoys taking potshots at the stares quo, and in this somewhat Swiftian monologue he takes great glee in rewriting history and giving the shaft to the Spanish conquistadors and the Roman Catholic Church.