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climbing garden plant having fragrant pastel-colored flowers

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The attendants wore strapless, black floor-length gowns and carried bouquets of roses, hydrangeas, and sweetpea.
The bees will be attracted to the sweetpea flowers and are then more likely to pollinate the beans as well.
(1) Sweetpeas Really easy to sow from seed but, as a shortcut, you can buy pots of seedlings or small plants from most garden centres.
The answer, the BBC programme's experts told him, is to plant a mix of blue and red sweetpeas. Over time, the colours of new flowers will merge to create a pleasant, neutral purple.
Pick sweetpeas and remove dead seedheads to ensure that they continue to flower.
After digging in the winter, soak the strip again and do not grow peas or sweetpeas in the area for as long as possible.
This rugged treatment is advised only for: Asparagus, Cardinal Climber, Cypress Vine, Lupin, Moonflower Vine, Morning Glory, Okra and Sweetpeas.
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(7) Pick sweetpeas as soon as they form so they keep flowering to have the bestperfumed flowers in your home - and garden!
Create scented corners in seating areas - pots of stocks, nicotiana and lavender will provide delicious scents in the evening, as will sweetpeas climbing up wigwams.
If your sweetpeas aren't near your patio, cut as many as you can and put them in a vase in the middle of your patio table, where guests can enjoy the colour and scent.
Seen, right, admiring the sweetpeas are Pippa Lorimer, six, and her three-year-old sister Sophie
As well as the Grow Your Own nasturtiums and sweetpeas, there are other titles dedicated to sunflowers and Love-in-the-Mist.
And with the sun working its magic for flower fans across the North-East, visitors to the island and its historic attractions are being treated to an abundance of deep crimson sweetpeas, tall hollyhocks, vibrant chrysanthemums and purple-hued globe artichokes.
Fork over an area to plant sweetpeas and work the soil to obtain a good tilth.