Swedish krona

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the basic unit of money in Sweden


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2 billion Swedish krona (up 35 percent year-over-year).
In the first eight months of 1991 paper denominated in Swedish krona had been exported (net) for 33bn kronor, with a particularly large export in May after the krona had been pegged to the ecu (Diagram 10.
During this period the US Dollar has strengthen towards the Swedish Krona with approx.
London-listed Old Mutual had told Skandia - the owner of a sizeable life insurance operation in the UK - that it would be prepared to pay 42 Swedish krona per share - equivalent to 43 billion Swedish krona (pounds 3.
Options include the Australian dollar, British pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Danish krone, euro, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Singapore dollar, South African rand, Swedish krona, Swiss franc and U.
Swedish household products sales and distribution company Empire AB issued a profit warning on Friday (12 December), blaming a combination of high stock levels, weaker demand and a weaker Swedish krona.
The new currencies are the Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, and Swiss Franc.
Earnings were boosted by lower raw material costs and a weaker Swedish krona, while sales increased on higher volumes and better prices.
The following six trusts trade on the New York Stock Exchange: CurrencyShares(SM) Australian Dollar Trust ("FXA"), CurrencyShares(SM) British Pound Sterling Trust ("FXB"), CurrencyShares(SM) Canadian Dollar Trust ("FXC"), CurrencyShares(SM) Mexican Peso Trust ("FXM"), CurrencyShares(SM) Swedish Krona Trust ("FXS"), and CurrencyShares(SM) Swiss Franc Trust ("FXF").
As of January 2006, the index tracked the dollar's value against a basket of currencies including the Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona, and Swiss Franc.
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