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Synonyms for swastika

crooked cross


  • crooked cross
  • fylfot

Synonyms for swastika

the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich

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His appearance comes after swastikas and offensive words were spray-painted on to the walls of the Elgin and District Islamic Mosque on South Street.
A number of swastikas as well as shocking homophobic language have been drawn across the statue.
In June, Schilling placed two flags with swastikas on his property facing toward Hanover Road.
A swastika, along with other symbols, was sprayed on a path in Wyken Croft Nature Reserve, on Saturday or Sunday.
Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport where someone painted a swastika on the cathedral doors.
To counter the argument that commonly ensues about the shapes, angles, and directions of various swastikas used throughout human history, he writes, "And no, those are NOT the swastikas used for Buddhism." He then lists the exact address of the shop in the district's Heping West Road.
BRIANGWILLIAMS Swastikas are not just a negative symbol.
She wanted to get rid of the swastikas. The drama and tech students were outraged.
People went to social media demanding Google maps for answers on why the swastikas have been seen on the maps all of a sudden, especially that the swastika symbol mostly known for its reference to the Nazism.
Mr Howells said: "The poster was linked to the System Resistance Network, and there were swastikas spray painted next to it."
Berlin [Germany], August 10 ( ANI ): Swastikas or Nazi related imagery will no longer be removed from video games automatically after Germany's national rating agency USK announced the change.
More than 200 tombstones at Sunset Hill Memorial Estates Cemetery in Glen Carbon, Illinois, were vandalized Friday, with Nazi swastikas painted on them with black paint, ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.
The police are looking for the parents of the two young children who had drawn swastikas on their bodies and made Nazi greetings at the match Levski - Slavia, Interior Minister Valentin Radev announced in parliament.
Some people feared a strong showing of right-wing extremists coming to Konstanz -- either to prove a point about their convictions or to protest the use of swastikas as a marketing gimmick.