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someone (usually maleficent) who tries to persuade or force another person to do his bidding

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We were lucky enough to hang out with them before and after the show and it was nothing but positive vibes all the way through," recalled Svengali guitarist, JM Elias.
Anathema means "someone or something intensely disliked or loathed," and a svengali is a "a person who manipulates or exerts excessive control over another."
com/poolecho Svengali tells the story of Dixie (Jonny Owen), a postman from South Wales, and a music fanatic, who moves to London to pursue his dream - to manage a rock and roll band.
e lm's re-release will coincide with Q&As at selected screenings featuring former Creation Records boss Alan mcGee who appears in the movie as the Svengali of the lm's title, and ex-band manager Paul Dixon, on which Owen's character Dixie is based.
Svengali tells the story of Dixie (played by Jonny Owen), a postman from south Wales and a music fanatic.
In addition it has something of a stellar supporting cast, including Sherlock's Martin Freeman as snobby uber-mod Don; Silk's Maxine Peake as his long-suffering wife; Roger Evans, who plays record company executive and Welsh ball of fury Horsey with aplomb; Matt Berry giving another mesmerising comedic turn as a ruthless record company boss; former Creation Records supremo Alan McGee - yes, the real one - as the Svengali himself; and a heartbreaking performance from the late, great Brian Hibbard as Dixie's dad.
Jonny has written and produced Svengali, which follows the antics of a hapless wannabe music producer from the South Wales Valleys.
Derren Brown: Svengali C4, 9pm If you have the bejaysus, be prepared for it to be scared out of you as the amazing beardie mentalist puts on a show at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham.
MAGIC may be a genre ripe for lampooning, but one Croydon-born illusionist has managed to skirt around clichs for more than a decade with TV specials, stage shows, and in the case of Derren Brown: Svengali on C4, a stage show that is a TV special.
PETE WATERMAN Presents The Hit Factory (Sony Music TV) * COVENTRY pop svengali Pete Waterman calls his compilation "the soundtrack to a generation" and the 39 Stock-Aitken-Waterman produced hits here certainly dominated the 1980s singles charts.
TROUBLED telly chef Gordon Ramsay has sent a desperate SOS to Spice Girls svengali Simon Fuller in a bid to ease his money woes.
"Twisted genius that he is, he was more than just a clever Svengali carefully managing his brand.
The Scot who discovered Oasis plays himself in Svengali, an online series penned by Jonathan Owen and Dean Cavanagh - Irvine Welsh's writing partner.
Most critical works on George Du Maurier's Trilby (1894) have suggested that Svengali has complete mesmeric power over Trilby.
Actress Marian Marsh Henderson, the doll-faced 1930s star perhaps best known as the teen milkmaid Trilby mesmerized by John Barrymore in "Svengali," died Nov.