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Swedish theologian (1688-1772)

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(45.) McCallum interview; Svedberg interview; Weber interview.
Under this exercise of warrants, Svedberg has exercised her full holding of 1,250 warrants, which gave her the right to subscribe for 37 shares per warrant at a price of SEK5.41 per share.
Svedberg has made a disappointing transition from the NHL, having conceded an average of 3.51 goals per game and saved just 86.8 per cent of shots he has faced in his six appearances.
Aaron Buzas stalefish over a brave Erik Svedberg backlip.
This comprehensive notion of health can be effectively captured by perceived health status--a self-assessed measurement of an individual's overall health condition (Speak, Cowart, & Pellet, 1989; Svedberg, Lichtenstein, & Pedersen, 2001), which influences the individual's decision-making process, leading to health-related behaviors (Jensen, Counte, & Glandon, 1992).
Nolato Jaycare managing director Glenn Svedberg is in North Tyneside to visit the factory today.
They are often poorly correlated (Klasen 2006; Svedberg 2002) and this suggests that undernourishment is a poor proxy for undernutrition.
"Our strengthened presence in the Middle East will deliver measurable benefits to customers including, improved order-to-delivery lead times, improved parts availability and better back-order recovery, all of which translates into enhanced customer support," said Claes Svedberg, senior vice president, UD Trucks.
Guest artists at Corbridge this summer include violinist and viola-player David Adams, leader of Welsh National Opera's orchestra; violinist Laura Samuel, cofounder of the Belcea Quartet and now with the Nash Ensemble; Scott Dickinson, principal violist with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; Louise Williams of the Chilingirian Quartet; and two Swedish musicians: violinist Frederick Paulsson of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and cellist Jesper Svedberg, a founder member of the Kungsbacka Piano Trio.
TALLINN -- Swedish and Scandinavian investors are becoming more optimistic about the Baltic States, driven by Estonia's prospects of joining the eurozone in 2011, and the region's improved international credit ratings, said Marcus Svedberg, chief economist for the Swedish investment company East Capital, reports
The Kungsbacka - the unusual name comes from the Swedish town where the trio gave their first concert - is made up of Malin Broman on violin, Jesper Svedberg on cello and Simon Crawford-Philips on piano.
I find it surprising that the matter hasn't been given more attention" said physiotherapist Lena Svedberg, author of the thesis.
Kurt Wallander Kenneth Branagh Anne-Britt Hoglund Sarah Smart Lisa Holgersson Sadie Shimmin Svedberg Tom Beard Martinsson Tom Hiddleston Nyberg Richard McCabe Pavel Wallander David Warner Linda Wallander Jeany Sparks
"This is the kind of training you go to and walk away with battle scars," said Aviation Electricians Mate 1st Class (AW/SW) Shana Svedberg. "They beat you up, but it's good training and you learn a lot."
Patent 7,192,989 (March 20, 2007), "Method and Expansion Device for Preparing Expanded Thermoplastic Microspheres," Lars-Olof Svedberg, Guy Hovland, and Thomas Holmlund (Akzo Nobel N.V., Arnhem, The Netherlands).