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Swedish theologian (1688-1772)

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Under this exercise of warrants, Svedberg has exercised her full holding of 1,250 warrants, which gave her the right to subscribe for 37 shares per warrant at a price of SEK5.
Svedberg has made a disappointing transition from the NHL, having conceded an average of 3.
This year will be a year of zero growth for the Baltic States, recovery will come in 2011, and it is possible that the situation will normalize in 2012, said Svedberg.
The Kungsbacka - the unusual name comes from the Swedish town where the trio gave their first concert - is made up of Malin Broman on violin, Jesper Svedberg on cello and Simon Crawford-Philips on piano.
I find it surprising that the matter hasn't been given more attention" said physiotherapist Lena Svedberg, author of the thesis.
Kurt Wallander Kenneth Branagh Anne-Britt Hoglund Sarah Smart Lisa Holgersson Sadie Shimmin Svedberg Tom Beard Martinsson Tom Hiddleston Nyberg Richard McCabe Pavel Wallander David Warner Linda Wallander Jeany Sparks
The splendid Kungsbacka Trio certainly entered into the spirit of the piece: pianist Simon Crawford-Phillips mustered a wealth of meaning from his endless broken chords, while violinist Malin Broman and cellist Jesper Svedberg gave expressive depth and breadth to this (let's be honest) shallow music.
This is the kind of training you go to and walk away with battle scars," said Aviation Electricians Mate 1st Class (AW/SW) Shana Svedberg.
Feychting M, Pedersen NL, Svedberg P, Floderus B, Gatz M.
Johnny Svedberg, vice president of Tele2, has reportedly told Estonian television that Tele2 was interested in Eesti Telekom, but that if Tele2 was to make an offer, it would be for control over the entire company.
Acknowledging their close working relationship, Johnny Svedberg, executive vice president and market area director of Tele2 Eastern Europe and Russia, said, "Siemens is one of our long term strategic suppliers with a strong track record and excellent operational performance.
The trio features violinist Malin Broman, cellist Jesper Svedberg and pianist Simon Crawford-Phillips and they'll be playing a programme of works by Smetana and Ravel.
The prize initially on offer from Jif was a luxury new suite from stylish designers Svedberg of Sweden, complete with a claw foot bath which was lovely, but unfortunately it was too big for the room.
Jeffrey Williamson; Alfred Chandler, Alfred Plummer, Timothy Hatton, Peter Svedberg, and Charles Harley) provide a lively account of the evolution of technology, economy, society, and globalization.
But the Swedish chemist The Svedberg (1884-1971) developed an ultracentrifuge in 1923, which spun so quickly it developed effects equivalent to a gravity hundreds of thousands of times normal.