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the insertion of a vowel or consonant into a word to make its pronunciation easier

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Gleasure 1983: 94, talking of Scottish Gaelic dialects says that "In the central area the svarabhakti vowel is a clear one, and it often echoes the previous vowel, usually also bearing a degree of stress." Of the svarabhakti vowel in the dialects of the peripheral areas he says "In these areas the vowel takes the form of e/i, for the most part making it similar to vowels in unstressed syllables."
Diack records two place-names from his informant that seem to show that the type of svarabhakti vowel found within Stirlingshire was of the type found in the central areas (a clear vowel which often echoes the previous vowel).
SGDS, Vol 2: Item 153, testing with carbad, records that the svarabhakti vowel found in this word was a clear one generally echoing the previous vowel in all areas of Scotland, apart from S.W.