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a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean

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This week marked a new chapter in Norwegian polar history as KV Svalbard reached the North Pole on Wednesday morning.
Musician and sonic artist, Stuart Macpherson, is colaborating with filmmaker Emma Dove and sound recordist Pete Smith to offer a creative response to the spring migration of the Barnacle Goose from the wetlands of the Solway Firth to the Islands of Svalbard.
Measuring 49.5 metres, it's the largest wooden schooner in Europe, with an ice-strengthened hull to tackle Svalbard's Slush Puppie waters.
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault holds copies of seeds from every important plant in the world, although it's too cold to grow them.
Hitting the 1 million mark isn't the only change in store for Svalbard; the vault is also getting a makeover.
By sending our seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault we're adding a further level of 'back-up'.
We should be protecting these majestic creatures, not killing them." British broadcaster Monty Halls offered this assessment of the incident, "This should never happen - one thing my recent trip to Svalbard taught me, in the company of excellent, cautious, super safety-conscience guides, was that there's only one side to blame in this type of incident.
Predator presence scuppers our plans to visit the walrus colony on Nordaustlandet, Svalbard's second largest island, and instead we climb into Zodiacs (large inflatable boats) to observe safely from the water.
The pair were seen with their mum and the unsettling find on remote Arctic island Svalbard.
The agreement with KSAT will allow information about signals detected by HawkEye 360's Pathfinder satellites to be downlinked directly to KSAT's ground station in Svalbard, Norway.
Utilization of the Svalbard ground station will enable fresh and timely data reception of HawkEye 360 data.
Summary: Moscow [Russia], Feb 27 (ANI): Russia plans to transfer about 2,200 specimens of food plant seeds to the Global Seed Vault on Norway's Arctic island of Svalbard, an official said on Monday.
It might look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's actually the entrance to a giant vault located in Svalbard, Norway, that could one day save humanity.