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the capital and largest city of Fiji (on Viti Levu island)

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After a posting in the Department they went, in 1973, to Suva, Fiji. They returned to Washington in 1976 and in 1979 Vance was assigned as Counselor of Mission to the US Mission to the UN in Vienna.
At a Wednesday morning news conference in Suva, Fiji's military chief said Fiji had been told by U.N.
SUVA, Fiji (TAP) - Fiji's last democratically elected leader was sentenced Friday to one year in prison after being convicted on corruption charges that his supporters say were politically motivated.
But he will embark on a 24-hour flight to Suva, Fiji, today in time to watch the South Sea Islanders take on Samoa in the Pacific nations Cup on Saturday.
Their topics include cultural pollution and migration in Auckland, New Zealand; perceptions of the urban among Indo-Fijians in Suva, Fiji; public space in neoliberal Cairo; urban grassroots mobilizations in Budapest; and the re-emergence of restrictive definitions of urbanity in Europe.
02/02/2011, PCC, SUVA, FIJI -- The Pacific Conference of Churches is deeply concerned about the consequences of the envisaged collapse of the reef cliff of Moruroa atoll and calls on the French authorities in Maohi Nui (French Polynesia) to immediately assess the dangers the atoll poses to the people of Maohi Nui and the rest of the Pacific region.
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Suva, Fiji has delivered reproductive health (RH), gender and population and development funding, programmes and services to 14 Pacific countries since 1971.
PN, SK, BO, ARR, PS, PS, ET: Department of Geography, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, FIJI; RK: Institute of Applied Sciences, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, FIJI; SM: Department of Prehistory Archaeology, Fiji Museum, Suva, FIJI; TI: Department of Archaeology, Kyoto University, JAPAN; JS: Marine Studies, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, FIJI; SR: Library, Fiji Museum, Suva, FIJI; AN: Ratu Sukuna Memorial School, Nabua, FIJI.
In September 1940 the officer in charge on Gardner, Gerald Gallagher, radioed his superiors in Suva, Fiji, that the skull and partial skeleton of a castaway had been discovered in a remote area of the island, and in a place where it was unlikely to have been seen by an air search.
His boots were spared, however (perhaps because they were as tough as leather), and are on display in a museum in Suva, Fiji's capital.
In 1965 he established and became the first principal of the Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji, retiring in 1973.
The next round of the series is in Suva, Fiji, next weekend.