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an ancient country in southwestern Asia to the east of the Tigris River (in what is modern Iran)


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(37.) Barnett stresses that "[o]f Room G, which led into the 'Susiana Room' (F), only three slabs remained, showing the deportation of Elamites from a river bank" (1976: 14, P1.
The border regions of the east and north secured, as well as the vital and friendly city of Susa in Elamite Susiana, Cyrus began mustering for war by 540 B.C.
For example, the distinctions, similarities, and overlaps among areas of Mesopotamia, the Levant, Hatti, and the Susiana in West Asia are no clearer than those among the Olmec, Maya, Zapotec, or Aztec areas in Mesoamerica.
This is especially the case, since representations of the "god with the snake and spring waters" are attested both in Susiana and in Fars, and prototypes on the Iranian plateau go back to the fourth and third millennia (de Miroschedji 1981: 20-21).
Morgan's aim was twofold: first, to reveal the evidences of Elamite civilization, the importance of which was indirectly known by allusions from the Assyrians who destroyed Susa in 648 BCE, and, second, to discover the very origins of eastern civilization, which Morgan assumed to have stemmed from Susiana.
Survivors include two sons, Leland of Eugene and Landon of Creswell; two daughters, Laradon Stephens of Sherwood and Letitia Bryant of Cres well; a sister, Susiana Kyhl of Eugene; four brothers, Leon Nydam of Fountain Valley, Calif., Timothy Nydam, Roland Nydam and Preston Nydam, all of Creswell; and six grand children and three great-grandchildren.
This second physical volume of the 53rd virtual volume contains epigrams 451 to 2267 arranged by region from Boiotia to Varia with passages through such places as Thessaly, Moesia, the north shore of the Black Sea, Crete, Gaul, Susiana, and Egypt.
According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Elymais was an ancient Parthian vassal state usually considered part of the larger district of Susiana.
Elizabeth Carter ("Landscapes of Death in Susiana during the Last Half of the 2nd Millennium B.C.") discusses the possible significance of the variety of tomb types in Susiana: tombs in the earth, tombs in jars, and brick-vaulted tombs.
Hughes - Susiana and Josh Hughes, of Eugene, a daughter.
The Development of a Prehistoric Regional Center in Lowland Susiana, Southwestern Iran: Final Report of the Last Six Seasons of Excavations 1972-1978.
The injured included Joshua Hughes, 20, of Eugene; Susiana Jenson, 22, of Eugene; Haviland Jones Jr., 54, of Springfield; and Angela Thwing, 17, of Coquille.
The determinative URU contrasted the city of Anshan with the city of Susa and its use seems to express a certain rivalry with the Neo-Elamite kings of Susiana who (even after the Assyrian invasions) continued to include Ansan in their title, expressing their status as heirs to the Grand Elam of the second millennium.