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the head of the United States Public Health Service

the senior medical officer in an Army or Navy

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That idea, the surgeons general noted, could improve the whole of public health.
After consulting with six former surgeons general who had served under both Democratic and Republican presidents, he realized that the degree of interference was beyond anything in their experience.
AS SURGEONS general gathered to speak at APHA's 142nd Annual Meeting and Exposition in New Orleans in November, the Association continued to call on Congress to confirm a new surgeon general.
Of course, if the Surgeons General and their allies have managed anything close to a draw in this battle, they all deserve medals.
During APHA's 138th Annual Meeting in November, he moderated a session on that very issue, and he and the nation's three state surgeons general talked about ways the position offers a bully pulpit for critical public health concerns ranging from obesity to health reform implementation.
The closing session lineup will include Surgeons General Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS; David Satcher, MD, PhD; and Joycelyn Elders, MD.