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The surgeon spoke with the fluency due to long practice and with the admirable perspicacity which distinguished him.
He had an impulse to tell the surgeon to go to hell, but he had not the courage to make a scene.
The surgeon had found an occupation for himself which completely isolated him among the rest of the guests.
Sir Patrick took up the newspaper which he had brought in from the garden, and looked once more to see if the surgeon was attending to him.
At the word, the deluge of blows began, but before long the surgeon once more interfered--for the only reason which ever permits him to interfere--and the day's war was over.
He can not only be badly wounded, but his life is in danger; and he would sometimes lose it but for the interference of the surgeon.
The surgeon pointed to the kitchen, now the hospital devoted to the wounded men.
I was thinking of the English lady," answered the surgeon.
You needn't mind sending up to me, if the child cries, nurse,' said the surgeon, putting on his gloves with great deliberation.
The surgeon leaned over the body, and raised the left hand.
The surgeon now ordered his patient to be stript to his shirt, and then entirely baring the arm, he began to stretch and examine it, in such a manner that the tortures he put him to caused Jones to make several wry faces; which the surgeon observing, greatly wondered at, crying, "What is the matter, sir?
When all was ready, this man, still taking his last hurried charges from his comrades and the surgeon after the windlass had begun to lower him, disappeared into the pit.
While she is gone, the surgeon abandons his hopeless investigation and covers its subject with the patchwork counterpane.
Ye-es,' replied the surgeon, with the thoughtful pleasure of an artist contemplating the work upon his easel.
The surgeon laid down the sword and approached the other body.