adrenal gland

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either of a pair of complex endocrine glands situated near the kidney

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A slow increase in the size of suprarenal glands has been observed confirming in the reports of earlier authors.
Suprarenal gland is developed from the mesoderm of posterior abdominal wall in the angle between the root of mesentery and developing gonad and also from neural crest.
Tongue shaped suprarenal gland is observed at 12th week of gestation.
2002) observed in 20 suprarenal glands from 10 aborted fetuses, shape of the left suprarenal glands were semilunar, whereas on right side they were tetra hydral or pyramidal and a significant increase in dimension was observed.
Normal parameters of right and left suprarenal glands i.
Nothing in Mathew Baillie's 'Morbid Anatomy of the Human Body', nothing in Addison and Bright's great textbook, (by the authors who themselves had described pernicious anaemia, Addison's disease of the suprarenal glands and Bright's disease of the kidney).