supply-side economics

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the school of economic theory that stresses the costs of production as a means of stimulating the economy

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Whereas the demand-side theories seek to identify those market and governmental failures that make nonprofit organization necessary, the supply-side theory focuses on the motivation of entrepreneurs who choose to found a nonprofit rather than a for-profit firm.
The supply-side theory that many government officials now follow will only cause larger income gaps between upper-and lower-income groups.
Terms such as modernity, deconstructionist, Keynesian and supply-side theory may not resonate with the average high-school student.
It was the President's father who famously dubbed supply-side theory "voodoo economics." N.
By stimulating the solidarity that comes from an emphasis upon the interests of the community rather than self-interest, a model based upon this radical supply-side theory rooted in human development will allow a government to move further with the support of the community.
Hansmann (1987:29) developed a supply-side theory -- the contract failure theory.
After testing the supply-side theory, Canon draws upon a variety of sources--including roll-call votes; an extensive collection and content analysis of congressional newsletters, flyers, and press releases; and an analysis of news coverage--to show that "commonality" representatives are more moderate on racial issues than "difference" representatives.
Hell, they've got safety nets coming out their ears." Seeing those word--"We're very excited by the trickle-down effect"--actually spoken by a working stiff puts the dissonance and illogic of supply-side theory in full relief.