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A long period of relative economic decline vis-a-vis other European economies seemed to have come to an end under the auspices of the supply-side policies initiated under the Thatcher government and continued in most respects by New Labour (cf.
Vast expenditures on criminalization and repressive measures directed towards supply-side policies have completely failed to effect illicit drug supplies and consumption levels.
The implementation of both demand-side and supply-side policies towards inclusive and sustainable development relies fundamentally on the ability of States to allocate public spending -- and to create a conducive environment for private investments -- in key economic and social sectors of the economy.
Effective supply-side policies require eliminating tax preferences, broadening the tax base, and significantly reducing programs and regulations that undermine economic productivity.
It said that supply-side policies which promote small- and medium-sized enterprises and services industries will increase the relative importance of production that caters to domestic demand.
Twenty-six chapters address such topics as distribution of income, the national economy, interest rates, supply-side policies, and international trade.
He said: ``As long as they carry on with the two sound supply-side policies I mentioned I think then there is no case for a poverty trap.
This leads one to lean towards the hypothesis that developing countries can attain considerable success in boosting their agricultural exports through pursuing front-end and pro-active supply-side policies.
In adapting the working-age population to the requirements of the labor market, the United States has chiefly relied on supply-side policies, such as training, education, the earned income tax credit, and job development services at the local level.
These results suggest that the current supply-side policies aimed at educating sex workers about risk and empowering them is not sufficient to significantly increase condom use.
AS THE JAPANESE ECONOMY implodes, the question becomes not just how Tokyo's "best and brightest" managed to get it so wrong, but why they failed to realize that supply-side policies in a demand-starved economy would take Japan so far in the wrong direction.
However, supply-side policies are equally important to China's unemployment problem, because the number of unemployed workers equates excess labor supply, which depends on both labor demand and labor supply.