Superfund program

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the federal government's program to locate and investigate and clean up the worst uncontrolled and abandoned toxic waste sites nationwide


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OBJECTIVE AND METHODS: I use event history analysis to evaluate the impact of Executive Order 12898 on the equitability of the Superfund program.
Under the Superfund program, abandoned, accidentally spilled, or illegally dumped hazardous wastes that pose a current or future threat to human health or the environment are cleaned up.
Bush also opposes reinstatement of a tax on oil and chemical companies that, along with penalties collected from polluters, paid most of the cost of Superfund program.
In Calculating Risks, James Hamilton and Kip Viscusi apply sophisticated statistical techniques to information on contaminated sites to try to evaluate the effectiveness of the nation's Superfund program.
As part of a plan to extend the Superfund program, Governor George Pataki recently proposed a prudent revision of clean-up standards that would enable redevelopers to remediate a site in accordance with risk-based standards for its intended use.
He likes the Superfund program, which is in reality a full employment act for lawyers that has made cleanups vastly more expensive while doing little to protect either the environment or public health.
A new audit finds that the Superfund program, which has rehabilitated only about 100 of the more than 1,400 hazardous waste sites on its list, has become seriously bogged down.
Nowhere is this surrender--and its alarming consequences--clearer than with the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program.
Sackett ruled that clean-ups under the State Superfund Program need to attain conditions protective of human health and the environment by eliminating the "significant threats," the goal for which the Superfund Coalition had argued, and do not have to go farther to remove every last molecule of the contaminant.
The Bubble Gum Factory was adjacent to the former industrial National Wood Preservers property whose processes contaminated both soil and groundwater that are currently being addressed by EPA s Superfund program.
This testimony summarizes the findings of our report on funding issues related to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Superfund program.
EPA's Superfund program is initially paying for the cleanup.
The Superfund program is chronically short of money, and toxic sites are expensive to fix.
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