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Key Words: Solid superacid; Catalyst preparation; n-butyl acetate; Esterification
This is mainly due to the distinct advantage of solid superacid catalysts such as high catalytic activity, strong acid strength, non-toxicity, non-corrosiveness, ease of handling, and easy to recover and reuse 1.
The catalytic activities of composite solid superacid SO4/ZrO2-Al2O3-WO3 (abbreviated as SZWA) catalysts were evaluated by esterification reaction.
The esterification with 0.4 g composite solid superacid SZWA catalyst were carried out with a acetic acid/n-butanol molar ratio of 1 : 2 at 105-110 AoC for 3 h.
Patent 7,863,402 (January 4, 2011), "Organic Superacids, Polymers Derived From Organic Superacids, and Methods of Making and Using the Same," Tenneille Weston Capehart, Gail Capehart, Gerhard Maier, Claude Spino, Thomas J.
The key feature in the cationic photopolymerization lies on the in situ photo-generation of Bronsted superacids with a limited sensitivity toward water (31).
The decrease in polymerization rate is caused by the inactivation of the superacids by solvation effect.
Superacid catalysis enabled chemists to "crack heavy oils and to liquefy coal under surprisingly mild conditions," the Nobel committee said.
in 1962, Olah discovered that powerful superacids, trillions of times stronger than pure sulfuric acid, could capture fast-disappearing "carbocations" and stabilize them for hours.
However, as we shall see the term superacid has since been restricted to acidic media that are considerably more acidic than solutions of acids in acetic acid.
We may say that 100% [H.sub.2.SO.4] is approximately [10.sup.12] times as acidic as a 1M solution of [H.sub.2.SO.4] which has [H.sub.o] [unkeyable] pH [unkeyable] ) so that sulfuric acid may truly be said to be a superacid. It has proved convenient to somewhat arbitrarily define a superacid as an acidic medium that has - [H.sub.o] equal to or greater than that of anhydrous sulfuric acid, that is, - [H.sub.o] [is greater than or equal to] 12.
Flurosulfuric acid has proved to be one of the most widely used superacid media.
One very early application of the superacid 100% [H.sub.2.SO.4] was the preparation of stable solutions of aryl carbenium ions such as the triphenyl carbenium ion [(C.sub.6.H.sub.5).sub.3.C.sup.+] from the corresponding alcohol.
The superacid exhibits high catalytic activity in methanol dehydration to diethyl ether.
Many kinds of solid acids have been found[4-6], sulfated zirconium shows superacid strength, H0=-16 [7].