malt liquor

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a lager of high alcohol content


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"A survey of our hostel residents found that, of 91 with alcohol dependency problems, 80 were drinking only super-strength lager or cider.
They were interrupted when Gilbertson - who drinks eight to 10 cans of super-strength lager a day - started arguing with a woman.
Having said that I like the atmosphere it's creating and remember before this outdoor drinking in Scotland tended to involve downing a 6-pack of super-strength lager sitting on a bench in the meadows so it's a step in the right direction.
In a recent article in the Independent newspaper Jeremy Swain, chief executive of Thameslink, a homelessness charity, said his charity's clients were harmed more by super-strength lager than by heroin and crack cocaine.
The Scottish way to an early grave, for instance, is a longwinded affair brought about by a diet of deep-fried Mars bars and many pints of super-strength lager whereas in the Land of the Rising Sun it traditionally takes the form of a ceremony called harikari involving a razor-sharp samurai sword.
Sprayed super-strength lager and wine on each other.
Mr Cameron's spokesman said the decisions on the strength levels at which the new duties will be applied reflected research by health and homelessness groups about the problems associated with super-strength lager.
"In the North East a two-litre bottle of cider is available from three of the big four supermarkets for pounds 1.21, or just 14p a unit of alcohol, and cans of super-strength lager for less than the price of a loaf of bread."
A four-pack of super-strength lager would rise by pounds 1.33 and a large bottle of alcopop would increase by pounds 1.50, shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said.
The good-intentioned three-year-old said he wanted to make his siblings "nice and clean" after their alcoholic mum drank cans of super-strength lager and fell asleep.
While most alcohol prices would be unaffected, it could significantly alter the price of ciders, super-strength lager and cheap spirits.
After being arrested, Bayliss said he had drunk a number of cans of super-strength lager.
In Birmingham, 32,000 cans of super-strength lager were seized from a wholesaler in the city centre.
The Tory spokesman is so focused upon super-strength lager and alcopops that he seems to think that those put off them by their rising cost will abandon their drunken habits forthwith.