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Colm Lacy, British Airways head of commercial for Gatwick, said: British Airways will now serve four Florida gateways, offering more seats from London to the sunshine state than any other carrier.
And it's also easy to explore the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida, discover the bargains at the retail outlets and enjoy the huge range of leisure activities available in the Sunshine State.
In 2009 Anderson scored 29 goals and was selected for the Sunshine State Conference senior team, the first team All-South Region, the NSCAA second team All-American and the Daktronics second team All-American.
Miami, Florida-based Premier American Bank, NA has said that it has entered into an agreement with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for the acquisition of Port Orange, Florida-based Sunshine State Community Bank.
Phil Latzman of WLRN-Miami Herald News revealed the many winners of the 2008 Sunshine State Awards.
Based on an award-winning young-adult novel by Carl Hiaasen -- the Florida-based author better-known for his racy mysteries like ``Strip Tease'' -- ``Hoot'' involves three kids who unite to stop developers from destroying the habitat of an endangered owl in the Sunshine State.
However, I do not believe an individual's personal beliefs should be the basis for determining Florida's Sunshine State Standards.
Thus far, two major reinsurers have released preliminary estimates of their losses related to Frances, the second hurricane to sweep across the Sunshine State in three weeks.
But leave it to the Sunshine State to go a step further with a solar power curriculum push.
A study headed by Helena Solo-Gabriel of the University of Miami reports that currently about 5 million cubic feet of CCA wood is disposed of annually in the Sunshine State.
In Florida, the primary standards are the Sunshine State Standards (SSS), appearing in a series of documents, The Florida Curriculum Frameworks and SSS (State of Florida, 1996).
The deal nearly doubled Senior Health's presence in the Sunshine State, increasing the St.
With over 30 years combined experience of Florida, I am confident my staff are able to offer a consultancy service for the Sunshine State that is second to none.
Multinational commodities firms Louis Dreyfus of France and Cargill of the United States, which are both major players in Brazil--the world's largest grower of oranges--have also acquired processing plants in the Sunshine State, the world's No.
95) Advocate arts writer Robert Plunket's affectionate essay wraps through this fascinating photo book, capturing the late master photographer's funny, observant, and occasionally surreal takes on the Sunshine State.
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