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(Islam) the way of life prescribed as normative for Muslims on the basis of the teachings and practices of Muhammad and interpretations of the Koran

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Receiving the award is, for Sunna Design, a form of recognition of the hard work of its teams, with the aim of providing the best solar street lighting solutions.
Sunna Design was selected for the award from over 1,180 nominees, it said.
Sunna said: "We are pleased to work with RJ to achieve this accreditation for the second year.
Sunna said: We are pleased to work with RJ to achieve this accreditation for the second year.
A source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the MPs of the Ahrar bloc collected / 100 / signatures from other blocs in order to discuss, in the House of Representatives, the draft resolution of the US Congress to deal with the Kurds and Sunna as two states.
According to the Norwegian anthropologist Aud Talle, who has studied female circumcision in diverse 'non-Western' as well as 'Western' contexts, sunna has come to mean among Somalis all ways of female genital cutting that do not classify as infibulation or as being 'closed' (6).
Of the four types of FGM identified by the World Health Organization (WHO), (4) two main forms exist in Somaliland: Pharaonic circumcision and sunna cutting.
He urged the Muslim worshippers to be pious, righteous and contemplate the sublime meanings of such a gracious holy occasion which involves revival of the Sunna of sacrifice and its advantages and abide by tolerance, love and ties of kinship which Allah the Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) have called for.
2 telecommunications firm Asiacell has named Amer Al Sunna as chief executive, the company's parent firm Ooredoo said in a statement on Monday, seven months after his predecessor announced plans to quit.
Iraqi mobile operator Asiacell has named Amer Al Sunna as its new CEO.
Al Sunna has 20 years of experience dedicated to the improvement of customer experience in telecommunications through a number of executive positions at various high profile organizations.
When he was asked who they were, he replied, "The people of the Sunna and Community (ahl al-sunna wal-jama'a)," in another narration, "[The path] that I and my Companions are now upon.
Summary: The Sunna Movement announced its charter Monday which enshrines the rights of the Sunni sect in Lebanon.
Kahlan bin Nabhan al-Kharousi said that the reform has profound implications and the Muslims should recognize the inside and outside of reform so they can learn about good and evil and differentiate between reformers and corruptors, and that they should always refer to the Holy Quran and the Sunna of his Prophet, as there are many verses that talk about reform.
Locals say the island is inhabited by several hundred members of an Islamic fundamentalist movement called Ansar Sunna (Faithful to God's Word).