Song dynasty

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the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279

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On the use of troops in the policing of the Song capital of Kaifeng, see McKnight, "Urban Crime and Urban Security in Sung China.
For more than a decade, the historiography of Sung China has been dominated by an extremely powerful and productive paradigm that rests on the pioneering work of Ihara Hiroshi and Robert Hartwell and the final formulation by Robert Hymes.
The fate of women in Sung China was closely linked to uses of property, which could be gained through dowries or inheritance.
growth in per capita income) in regions as distant geographically and chronologically as Sung China, early modern Europe, and Tokugawa Japan.
Kracke,"sungk'ai-feng: Pragmatic Metropolis and Formalistic Capital," in Crisis and Prosperity in Sung China, ed.
A sampling of entries includes Byzantium 700-1000, Byzantine culture, the Abbasid caliphate, the Temple kingdoms in India, the Tang dynasty, Sung China, Africa 1000-1300, the Spanish reconquista, and commercial expansion in the later Middle Ages.