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a cream spread on the skin

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As a result, he said, "We do not suggest that this is a sun-screen, and strongly recommend topical lotions and protective clothing when exposed to the sun."
Along with the suggestion of clouds in the sun-screen patterning, the presence in this area of light and high level windows draw visitors' attention to the sky, to the only element of the outside world that the prisoners could see.
Don't forget outdoor summer activities are great, however, remember to take a water bottle and sun-screen
He was reaching up to close a sun-screen canopy when he suddenly fell, hitting his head on the pavement and suffering a fractured skull.
Whenever you are out in the sun, you should wear a sun-screen lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) of fifteen or higher.
No amount of sun-screen helped and ironically, according to my doctor, I'm also currently lacking Vitamin D caused by a lack of sunshine.
HAVING fair skin and freckles,Kay ,a 31-year-oldChester lawyer,knew she had to be careful in the sun.That's why she always applied a fairly high factor sun-screen while on holiday.Unfortunately, she wasn't so meticulous when it came to her daily skin care.