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NEW DELHI - Media reports on Friday said that the ongoing heat wave and sun stroke have killed 111 people in the Southern Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
5 degrees Celsius with 16 victims of sun stroke brought to different hospitals in the city, according to the city's health director Dr Zafar Aijaz.
But you won't get to see them because you'll either be looking for your lost kids, trying to pull them out of the mud, treating them for sun stroke or having a row with your other half because they've completely absolved themselves of any responsibility having had 12 cans before lunch.
She has been sick a number of times since and I think she has sun stroke, tonight and she is hoping she will be well enough to go.
The original concept of sun stroke as being due to actinic irradiation of medulla has now been discarded and all such cases are now classed as heat stroke (Radostitis et al, 2010).
Dr Adrian Canale-Parola, chair of NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG which buys health services on behalf of the people living in the two areas, said: "Summer can bring a number of health issues from sun burn and sun stroke to dehydration and food poisoning from cook-cook ing on a barbecue.
WHEN you have got that cold, or troubled tummy, or sun stroke, eating well might hardly be on your agenda.
The pensioner spent two days in hospital last week suffering from exhaustion and sun stroke.
The official spokesman also stated that 2916 of the total patients' injuries ranged between shotgun and cartridges, while 656 injuries ranged between syncope, sun stroke, wounds, bruises and fractures, referring to the discharge of 466 of the wounded from hospitals after being treated, as well as their conditions improved, while 3106 remained under treatment.
Mark, a 34-year-old council worker from Coulby Newham, said: "There were a few lost toenails on my part and Julie suffered from sun stroke on one day and needed medical intervention, as did other group members, but we did it
When drawn in Waterman pen (one he still owns) or pencil, his figures are usually mere suggestions of people--combinations of sharp lines and blobs of shading that catch soldiers shaving and brushing teeth with water in their helmets, sleeping every chance they can get, and collapsing from sun stroke on the rifle range.
I bumped into a nurse while I was out there and she asked if I was ok and started to speak to me about the symptoms of sun stroke.
Between 20 and 30 of them were then transferred to Mater Dei state hospital suffering from sun stroke, severe dehydration and malnutrition, he said.