Sun Yat-sen

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Chinese statesman who organized the Kuomintang and led the revolution that overthrew the Manchu dynasty in 1911 and 1912 (1866-1925)


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18) The Nationalist Party reorganized three years ago primarily because Sun Zhongshan wanted to implement his theory of "Using the Party to Construct the Nation-State.
Sun Zhongshan said, "The Principle of the People's Livelihood is socialism, and can also be called communism, which is Great Unityism.
1) Principle--As Sun Zhongshan said, principle runs from thought to belief to action.
1) Sun Zhongshan was born in an economically backward China.
3) Sun Zhongshan traveled to Europe and America many times and witnessed the results of capitalist expansion since the Industrial Revolution.
1) First came Nationalism and Democracy and, after Sun Zhongshan visited Europe, he added the Principle of the People's Livelihood.
Hence, Sun Zhongshan advocated eliminating the Unequal Treaties to stymie the imperialists and advocated creating a National Assembly to revitalize the political power of people of all classes.
1) Sun Zhongshan said, "The People's Livelihood is the livelihood of the people, the existence of society, the welfare of the nation, and the life of the masses" [Sun, 1938, 364; 1956, 765].
This is the point from which Sun Zhongshan criticized Marx's doctrine, which is understandable.
3) Sun Zhongshan thought we should use revolutionary methods to seize state power and then use the political movement to resolve economic questions.
Sun Zhongshan said, "The goal of our Principle of the People's Livelihood is the destruction of capitalism" [Sun 1956, 821].