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a member of a people who inhabited ancient Sumer

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This is consistent with the fact that the vast majority of the list's star and constellation names are in Sumerian, which ceased to be a living language soon after 2000 BC.
The post AWS launches VR, 3D developer platform Sumerian appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
Among the topics are some thoughts on agricultural landscape and female bodies in Sumero-Akkadian sources, royal nurses and midwives in presargonic Lagas texts, a Middle Babylonian Sumerian fragment of the Adapa Myth from Nippur and an overview of the Middle Babylonian Sumerian literary corpus at Nippur, cuneiform tablets and other inscribed objects from collections in Jerusalem, and the seven attendants of Hendursaga: a study of animal symbolism in Mesopotamian cultures.
If the bison stand for the eastern mountains, then the hero may be the gatekeeper who, as a later Sumerian myth describes, confronts Inanna when she attempts to visit the underworld.
The Sumerian and Sumero-Akkadian bilingual lamentations belonging to the second category also speak of destruction of cult centers.
The Ur Lament is unique in the sense that it is the only Sumerian Lament that has been fully reconstructed.
Dilmun was named Ni Tuk in the Sumerian cuneiform writings, which is the oldest written language in the world.
While it appears that nobody in the religion actually worships any ancient gods from what is now Iraq, Sveinn Thorhallsson, a Zuist spokesperson, told the Guardian that when the church was established they did hold a service with readings of ancient Sumerian poetry.
said Thorhallsson, who added that the church, which was established in 2013, held a service with the reading of ancient Sumerian poetry.
Colleagues, former students, and other cuneiform scholars present 21 papers (12 in English) on such topics as a new piece of an Inanna/Dumuzi lamentation, a Sumerian perspective on diorite and limestone, slaves and strangers, two lullabies, the "Stars of Heaven" and cuneiform writing, the rejected sheep, the Sumerian debate poems, early dynastic Kis tradition, the ear and its wisdom, and dream-realities in ancient Mesopotamia from the third to the first millennium BC.
Aridhia History: The business was formed in 2007 by entrepreneur Dr David Sibbald and Professor Andrew Morris, the chief scientist for Scotland, in collaboration with Sumerian Europe, NHS Tayside, and the University of Dundee.
Great Lakes brewers and archaeologists at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute report they have attempted to create an authentic version of an ancient Sumerian ale without the aid of modern brewing equipment.
But now some of those scholars are engaged in a project something like that: re-creating Sumerian beer.
But according to Zecharia Sitchin, an Azerbaijani-born American author and archaeologist, Nibiru is mentioned in ancient Sumerian iconography and symbology.
In his 1976 book "The 12th Planet" Sitchin attempts to translate the ancient Sumerian writings saying that they mention the existence of a 12th planet (the nine known planets, plus the Sun and the Moon) called Nibiru, which has an elliptical thousands of years long orbit around the Sun.