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Synonyms for Sully

Synonyms for Sully

Synonyms for Sully

United States painter (born in England) of portraits and historical scenes (1783-1872)


French statesman (1560-1641)

place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

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The pavements in Sully are quite narrow - it only takes one small thing and someone will be killed.
Then you go through the problems Sully had explaining what happened and what his thought process was all the way through the National Transportation Safety Board hearings.
Now, at 86, he's burnished that theme in a new way, the fear of his own approaching irrelevance (a fear already apparent in Space Cowboys 16 years ago) rhymed with humanity's approaching irrelevance in a world of technology: Sully , defying the algorithms and indeed the rulebook, talks about feelings and the way he "eyeballed" the situation.
The dialogue between Hanks' Sully and his copilots is also accurate, matching cockpit recording transcripts that came out after the emergency landing, (https://airwaysmag.
In fact, the film--which, in Eastwood's typical no-fat style, runs an efficient 96 minutes--holds back on what really happened until more than an hour in, and instead opens with a vivid nightmare in which Sully imagines a far different outcome, had he followed through on his initial strategy of returning to LaGuardia Airport with practically no thrust in either engine: The dream culminates in a fiery demise for all onboard, as Flight 1549 crashes into a skyscraper.
Sully is a soon-to-be-released American drama, directed and co-produced by Clint Eastwood and written by Todd Komarnicki.
Sully were in all sorts of trouble and only avoided defeat thanks to number 10 batsman Jake Griffett, who was 40 not out when Sully were 89-9 and rain arrived.
Rhoose's Dixon drove wide after a tackle on Davison had fallen kindly, before the goalscorer outmuscled two defenders, but fired straight at Kieron Sharratt in the Sully goal, who did well to stop the effort with his foot.
The society Sully encountered there had a tradition of accommodating newcomers through hospitality, courtesy, and courtship.
Sully, who had won the South Wales Senior League Division One title three days earlier, were well-organised and on the day probably just about deserved their reward.
The Mohawks took an early lead with Pierre Sully scoring from the tip off.
First consider the paving contraption itself, Sully perched atop it and steering with the levers.
Chief scarer is Sully, a huge, cuddly, blue-furred monster, whose best friend and assistant is Mike Wazowski, a wise-cracking little green one-eyed creature.
In particular, Clubbe looks at Thomas Lawrence and Sully, his American counterpart.