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"As Total is a fully internationally integrated company, it perfectly complements Aramco's strong position in the region." The refinery, which is located in Jubail Industrial City, will process Arabian heavy crude oil from the giant Manifa field, and produce wide variety of refined and petrochemical products, including diesel with 10 ppm specifications instead of the 500 ppm (the content of sulfer), in order to meet the Euro 5 standards which dictate the reduction of sulphur content in diesel and gasoline.
Phylogenetic analysis of a highly specific association between ectosymbiotic, sulfer oxidizing bacteria and a marine nematode.
movies on the sport and in 1960 founded Sulfer magazine, an early
ANN- Artificial Neural Network C[O.sub.2]--Carbon Dioxide CO--Carbon Monoxide CNG- Compressed Natural Gas CLIP- Club d' Ingenierie Prospective Energie CPCB- Central Pollution Control Board DACES- Database Clean Energy Supply GA-Genetic Algorithm GHG- Green House Gases Gol- Government of India HC- Hydrocarbon LPG- Liquefied Petroleum Gas N[O.sub.2]- Nitrogen Dioxide MPRA- Munich Personal RePEc Archive PM- Particulate Matter S[O.sub.2]- Sulfer Dioxide TPD--Tonnes per day ULP- Unleaded Petrol UNFCCC -United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change
A low sulfer content level means reduced ductile treatment costs and pig iron usage.
Cysteine is one of the few amino acids that contain sulfer. This allows cysteine to bond in a special way and maintain the structure of proteins in the body.
For older diesels running on higher sulfer content fuel, Rypos has developed the Rypos ADPF, which the company said achieves total particulate matter reduction exceeding 60%.
I couldn't tell her all I heard was doves, that my hands still smelled from the sulfer in the water dishes and the birdseed [...] [missing: 'I couldn't tell her that if an egg fell from the hatchery only half incubated the stench knocked me sideways even if I held my nose with two fingers'] I couldn't tell her that all I heard was doves ['squabs'] crying for food with all the fury in their bodies made of dark flesh stuck full of quills [syntax].