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a white odorless crystalline sulfa drug

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Acylpyrazolone Schiff bases synthesized from the condensation reaction of some acylpyrazolone derivatives with sulfanilamide that showed antioxidant properties have been reported by our group [18].
sulfanilamides are considered inhibitors of dihydropteroate synthetase.
sulfanilamides are water soluble but have also been linked to higher
toxicity and increased resistance to sulfanilamides. Dendrimers are
Here we have investigated the low-frequency vibrational motions of salicylamide, benzamide, acrylamide, caprolactam, and sulfanilamide in the solid state by concentrating on the spectral region between 7 and 650 [cm.sup.-1] where crystal lattice vibrations, hydrogen bond bending modes and collective modes, and so forth may occur [26].
Salicylamide, benzamide, acrylamide, caprolactam, and sulfanilamide were obtained from commercial sources and used without further purification.
The FIR spectrum of sulfanilamide was measured on a Bruker VERTEX 80v FTIR spectrometer at 4 [cm.sup.-1] resolution and 32 scans.
These include naturally occurring molecules such as chiorophylls, porphyrins, phthalocyanines, flavins, thiazine dyes, acridine dyes, anthraquinone dyes, xanthene dyes, hypercin, tetracyclines, sulfanilamides, psoralens, nalidixic acid, coal tar derivatives, chlorpromazines and aminobenzoic acid derivatives, to name but a few.
The design of novel sulfanilamide species which combine the structural features of traditional sulfa drugs, branched architecture and the unique electronic properties of fluorine enables investigation of multiple structure-property relationships and biological activity studies.