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Synonyms for sweetening

an improvement that makes something more agreeable


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the act of adding a sweetener to food

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Most sugar substitutes go into diet drinks, but companies have started adding them to everything from cereal and popcorn to english muffins, yogurt, and frozen dinners.
One point to keep in mind: sugar substitutes do not appear to cause weight gain, as some critics charge.
North America currently represents the dominant regional market within the sugar substitute market.
New product developments and investments in R&D have set the sugar substitute market on a new dimension, thus leading to growth hand in hand with the global sweetener market.
It is often blended with other sugar substitutes for a more sugar-like taste.
"It's the first study to suggest that sugar substitutes may interfere with the body mechanism that controls calorie intake," says lead researcher Terry Davidson, Ph.D.
FOOD PROCESSING talked to Walt Postelwait, marketing manager, Degussa Flavors & Fruit Systems, Cincinnati, about overcoming some challenges with sugar substitutes. "We work on two key things, improving the mouth-feel and masking the bitter/metallic "off-note" aftertastes of sugar substitutes," he says.
As sugar substitutes are added to product formulations, the other variable Degussa examines is the masking of the bitter/metallic "off-notes" associated with aftertastes found in some artificial sweeteners.
This report analyzes the sugar substitutes market, in terms of region, type, application, and composition, in terms of value (USD million) and volume (KT).
The sugar substitutes market has been growing over the last few years and this trend is projected to continue until 2020.
San Francisco, CA, January 20, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The sugar substitutes market is expected to witness growth owing to rising concern over diseases such as diabetes and obesity.
According to ACNielsen data, dollar sales of sugar substitutes have been losing steam in the past few years.
in Mount Prospect, Ill., and the German company Sudzucker AG in Grunstadt have developed new bulking agents, which serve as sugar substitutes. These substitutes lack the intense sweetness of artificial sweeteners such as saccharin or aspartame but look and react so much like sucrose -- table sugar -- that they can replace sugar in baked goods and frozen desserts, says Hubert Schiweck, a chemist with Sudzucker.
* Some sugar substitutes, like saccharin, have no calories because they're not burned for energy in the body's cells.
Sugar substitutes are carbohydrate-based additives that provide a sweet taste while containing significantly fewer calories.