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a wealthy older man who gives a young person expensive gifts in return for friendship or intimacy

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As well as education, "sugar daddies" can also choose their preferences in relation to body type, age (above 18), ethnicity, height, hair colour, whether they smoke or drink, relationship status, language and whether they have children.
And he claims five "sugar daddies" are paying for his transformation into the retired footballer's 19-year-old son,the Mirror reportsin an exclusive interview.
There are 'definitely more female sugar babies in Singapore (than sugar daddies here) at this point', TheSugarBook's spokesperson said.
Speaking outside court - where she was slapped with a four-month sentence, suspended for two years - she told the ECHO she had received money from "sugar daddies" - but refused to reveal what she spent it on.
SUGAR daddies have always been an integral part of sport and while we've recently experienced a newer phenomenon - the virtually penniless sugar daddy who happens to have secured a good line of credit with which he can buy a football club - QPR owner Tony Fernandes is not one of them.
Next, sugar daddies should not put anything in writing relating to compensation and set firm boundaries, while paying proper attention and giving respect to the lady.
A CONMAN who fleeced more than PS170,000 out of a string of women he met on a website for "sugar daddies" has been jailed for seven years.
New York, NY, October 17, 2012 --( has just released findings from a study that sought to determine if modern sugar daddies are preferential to owning dogs in lifelong relationships while seeking shorter-term mutually beneficial relationships with their human 'sugar baby' counterparts.
Seeking Arrangement for older, wealthier men - known in the culture as sugar daddies - with younger, attractive women.
But it became an obsession because I became addicted to the lifestyle of dating sugar daddies.
Akua Djanie's "Beware of the Sugar Daddies" (NA May) touches the hardest of hearts.
Yep, she sings about sugar daddies. It's worth a watch for that, if nothing else.